Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps 24" Gym Fitness


Weight Lifting Wrist Wraps 24" Gym Fitness

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Length 24 Inches (60 cm)
Width 3 Inches
24" length compared to other 13" Wraps
EKTYV Wrap will Triple enfold around Wrist
Thumb Loop keeps Wrap from slipping Downward
Extra Rubber lined than normal straps
Anti Sprain
Anti Strain
Shock Absorbing
Strong Velcro Adhesion
Nylon Stitching Thread
Fitting Ensures Secure Wrist Grip

EKTYV Wrist Wraps are Heavy duty for Professional Gym Workout, Power Lifting, Body Building Exercises, Cross Fit, Dead Lift, Back Squats, Burpee, Dumbbell Press, Pull ups and similar Gym Workout.
These Wrist Straps are quality hand brace and act as anti sprain & anti strain. A must for your daily Fitness Activities & Gym Activities.

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