NebuLantern- Projector Night Light


NebuLantern- Projector Night Light

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ive yourself a bedtime of celestial tranquility!

Bedtime is said to be the most loved part of the day because of the peace, calm, and isolation it can give. Put your bedtime experience on a higher level!

NebuLantern is a night light projector that creates ocean waves of music with the starry light it projects. This is truly an ultimate lamp that gives you the best galactic experience right inside your bedroom!


Multiple light display - It has 21 colors dynamic projection where a variety of colors combined with dynamic night projection of different speeds, creating a relaxed, romantic, colorful space projection atmosphere, to show you a gorgeous starry light.

Wide range of Connectivity -  It is a bluetooth device that enables you to select music, and a USB port to connect flash drives.

Harmonic - With its high-quality music and starry projections, it creates a romantic and soothing atmosphere in the night.

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