Cameroid-Usb Endoscope Camera


Cameroid-Usb Endoscope Camera

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Offers you a wonderful experience of capturing a clear close range of HD video in MP4 format and images in JPG format!

The USB Snake Inspection Camera is also a helpful tool when you have to find your treasures or other small objects from the bathtubs or pipes with water in them. The built-in battery can work continuously for about 4 hours, is easily rechargeable through a USB cable, and is suitable for various types of environments.


Easy to use- This endoscope camera for android phones can only be used with Android devices that support OTG, Windows computers, and MacBooks. It has a USB Type C connector. You only need to download an app as directed by instructions or customer questions on Amazon if you have an OTG Android phone. Please utilize the included Photo Booth program for Macbooks. For Windows 10, you may just enter the word ""CAMERA"" in the search bar and then click to discover it. See the user manual for WIN 7 or WIN 8. Next, connect to the appropriate USB port.

HD Inspection Camera-  USB Snake Inspection Camera

 a crisp close-range HD video in MP4 format and a picture in JPG format with configurable resolutions of 640 x 480, 1280 x 720, 1600 x 1200, and 1920 x 1080 are both available to you with the 2.0 MP borescope.

Flexible Semi-Rigid Snake Cable-Usb Ear Camera inspection camera is used with a 16.5-foot semi-rigid cable for an improved inspecting experience. For observation, the waterproof endoscopic camera cable may be twisted to the required angle. Deeply penetrating 7.9mm/0.31In camera lens for inspecting regions It is simple to identify dangerous places both close by and far away.

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